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Patient Testimonials

MCC Patient Shares Her Sucess Story!

CBD Oil Patient Testimonial

I am truly amazed

❝I posted this last week on my page.... Went back today and my blood pressure was 118/80! A MUST READ FOR ANYONE WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! Over the last few months i had developed seriously high BP averaging about 150/110. There have been multiple episodes where my bottom number would climb so high it would literally make me pass out. After visiting a Dr and having a full work up done he said this was being caused by panic attacks there was nothing physically wrong with me. So I began seeing a stress management counselor who concluded I'm not having panic attacks there is something physically wrong with me.... Today I went to my chiropractor for a tune up and told her my story, thinking maybe something was pinched in my spine. What i learned next amazed me! Drs have found a correlation between high blood pressure and scar tissue on the head. The skin on my scalp was not moveable, it was fixated firmly against my skull from the amount of scar tissue that had built up over the years. After one 20 minute treatment of rigorous hair pulling and twisting to break up the scar tissue my blood pressure had dropped significantly! Not only can the skin on my head move freely now, but my BP reading was 122/82! I Still need to get it a tad lower, but I am truly amazed at the difference it made. I feel like me again today!❞
Kristie H

It appears that I have found a new chiropractor

❝I found my experience with Dr. Eaton to be a vast improvement over my past chiropractors. Not only does she provide traditional chiropractic procedures, she also has the latest "toys" of alternative medicine.
I have been seeing chiropractors for 30 years, unfortunately the good ones retire. I was referred to try Dr. Eaton from friends. Her office is ten minutes from my downtown work location, and easy to find. I did not make an appointment, but Dr. Eaton found time to devote to me. The office environment is cozy and relaxing.
I had been struggling with this pain in my lower back for a week, and could no longer get a decent sleep. The pain exiting a car, was enough to have my full attention. Dr. Eaton spent almost 30 minutes with me in various treatments and adjustments. She explained what muscle was having issues and the resolution she was attempting.
Dr. Eaton was quick in her assessment and determination to ease my pain. An hour later, I felt much better than I had, and can sit and get out of a chair without intense pain. While she is younger than most chiropractors, she has confidence in what she is doing, takes pride in her ability, and has a passion to get her patients a quick and lasting relief from pain.
I highly recommend Dr. Eaton. It appears that I have found a new chiropractor.
Jerry S.❞

Jerry S

Dr. Eaton is a miracle worker

❝Dr. Eaton is a miracle worker as far as we're concerned! Our construction-based company has the privilege of using her services and I've seen men who could barely walk upright feel well enough to go back to work after a couple of visits with her. I, personally have multiple back issues and under her care, I've been able to avoid a second surgery. (I wish I'd have found her before the first one!) Warm, friendly, knowledgeable, caring, professional and talented. ❞
Stephanie McEvoy

First Adjustment

Destynee R.

❝Syngen loves Dr Kelly Adcox Eaton. She did so good during her first adjustment❞
Destynee R.

Your Awesome!

❝Thank you Merriam Chiropractic you are awesome!❞
Jeanna D.

Family care

❝So nice to feel better after just one visit! ❞

I will definitely be a returning patient!

❝I went in with some significant neck and arm pain. I think I had a pinched nerve. Dr. Eaton listened to my concerns then adjusted me, walking me through each step of the process. She fixed ailments I didn't even realize I had. She answered all of my questions and offered some suggestions for other concerns I had. I will definitely be a returning patient. I feel great. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I can't say enough positive things about my experience.❞
Mary K.

See a difference in just a few visits

❝Just started going to Merriam Chiropractic Center. With 2 visits I am really impressed with their method of healing. I plan to continue to go and also to check into their massage options❞
Mary F.